Solutions tailored to support your cybersecurity team

Information is available in different formats inside your company, and you need to protect assets beyond your databases. Moreover, cyberspace provides massive intelligence to support cybersecurity activities. Do you know how to deal with this scenario? iCybersec can help you face challenges comprising the use of unstructured data related to cybersecurity.

iCybersec uses multiple text mining tasks to develop customized solutions for your company based on the traditional text mining process. Aiming to support business decisions, we can design software solutions to offer visibility for your cybersecurity team through cyber situational awareness. We can also deal with company internal datasets to provide cybersecurity and business decision-makers valuable information. Finally, we can project solutions to automate cybersecurity routines associated with unstructured data, avoiding your cybersecurity personnel getting involved with repetitive and laborious tasks.

We are a Brazilian company with expertise in English-driven text mining libraries and tools. So, we can develop solutions to analyze Portuguese and English content to help your company handle unstructured cybersecurity data.